Are you a SuperCasual?

Do you have the powers to live off nothing for weeks on end? What about fitting 10 hours of marking into 2? Can you disappear (conveniently at the end of each university semester/trimester) and still be exceptional, committed and professional? If the answer is yes then you are a SuperCasual.

In 2015 the NTEU decided it was time to launch a range of SuperCasuals campaigns to combat the gross exploitation of casual academic staff at Victorian Universities. We believe passionately that the time has come for SuperCasuals to be treated with the dignity and respect that their work demands. Our aim is to win better working conditions for all casuals; which is exactly what we are doing.

If you want to join a current SuperCasuals campaign or if you would like to run a SuperCasuals campaign at your campus then we encourage you to contact our Campaigns Officer Dustin Halse at

NTEU Victoria

  • Deakin Uni--Induction and Training Pay--It's Time!

    No one else in the University sector is expected to stay on top of hundreds of pages of policies in their own time. It is ridiculous that Deakin University doesn’t pay casually employed staff to maintain up to date knowledge on its policies about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), plagiarism, and University Assessment Procedures. A group of Deakin Supercasuals have responded by launching a campaign to demand that casual staff be paid for the work performed inducting, training and familiarising themselves with Deakin policies and systems. If you are a Deakin casual then we invite you to join our collective campaign--we are claiming 6 hours of pay for every participant for the time spent self-training and self-inducting. Already more than 50 casuals have joined this action--and the numbers are rising everyday. Of course, we would love as many people as possible to sign up – the more people who join the campaign the greater our ability to tackle the issue of unpaid work for casual staff at Deakin. A big thanks also to those who attended our BBQ campaign launch event at Burwood on 12 October. We’ll also be out to Geelong in coming weeks. Stay tuned to see what’s next for our campaign over T3. If you have any questions, or wish to participate in or help organise the campaign, contact Lachlan at, or by phone on 0418 493355. You can sign up to the campaign online here.   
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    SwinSessionals Conversion to Secure Work Campaign

    Are you a sessional/casual academic at Swinburne Uni? Interested in securing permanent work? Read on. In December 2015, NTEU secured landmark rights for Swinburne sessional staff to apply for conversion after teaching 72 hours or more of lectures and tutorials in three consecutive years. Those rights were the culmination of four years of campaigning by sessional staff at Swinburne. We are now implementing those rights and encouraging members to join a group application for conversion. This does not involve a job application, CVs or interviews. NTEU will simply assert your right to be converted under the Enterprise Agreement. We are also taking applications as part of the campaign. NTEU will assess each application and advise members of any concerns. The more applications the better. You can apply through the online form, it takes just a few minutes to complete via this link. For all other information contact Dustin Halse on 0478 835 429 at
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