Are you a SuperCasual?

Do you have the powers to live off nothing for weeks on end? What about fitting 10 hours of marking into 2? Can you disappear (conveniently at the end of each university semester/trimester) and still be exceptional, committed and professional? If the answer is yes then you are a SuperCasual.

It's time to combat the gross exploitation of casual academic staff at Victorian Universities! We believe passionately that the time has come for SuperCasuals to be treated with the dignity and respect that their work demands. Our aim is to win better working conditions for all casuals; which is exactly what we are doing.

If you want to join a current SuperCasuals campaign or if you would like to run a SuperCasuals campaign at your campus then we encourage you to contact the team at

  • #Changetherules - another successfull rally!

             Union power was very visible on the streets of Melbourne on 23rd Oct. Thousands rallied to demand better pay-rise and working conditions. According to the reports, 170000 people participated in #changetherules rally. What are the rules that working people want changed? More secure jobs Enforceable workers rights Fair pay rises Put working people first, not big businesses   We will win if we stick together. Unbreakable, unshakeable, we are Union. Not a member yet, join here.
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    Casual Staff Professional Development Workshop

          **Great day at the casual staff professional development workshop**  Thanks for all who attended. For the casual staff members who couldn't make it to the event, keep an eye out for similar events in the future.   For the meantime, checkout the pictures from the event on our Facebook page here
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