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Are you a casual staff member working at Deakin University?

Are you a student at Deakin University who cares about quality of education and support that you get from casual staff?

Are you a Academic or Professional staff member working at Deakin University sympathetic towards the casual staff working conditions?    

If yes, join us in our secure work campaign for Casual Staff.

With over 60% of staff in Higher Education countrywide employed on insecure work arrangements, sure NTEU has its work cut out. Casual staff (academic and professional) alone make up close to 45% of the total workforce. Majority of them get engaged on insecure form of employment statuses year after year doing same or similar kind of work. NTEU opposes this pattern strongly.

At Deakin, job security is also a major issue for casual staff. There are more than 7000 casual staff, many have been working for years without any commitment from Deakin for secure work or career progression.

They are a hardworking and talented group of Deakin staff who go above and beyond to provide quality education and support to students. Keeping them on insecure casual employment is Not OK. It means they: 
a) don’t get sufficient resources to do a good job
b) don’t have enough time to provide student consultation
c) perform high volume of unpaid work
d) don’t get sick leave, or any other paid leave that comes with secure employment
e) don’t get the same superannuation as permanent or fixed term staff

Job security can only be improved through campaigning for more ongoing and fixed term roles to replace current casual positions. Together we are stronger and we can win! If you would like to join the campaign please contact us at

If you have any queries about conversion or about other issues affecting casual staff, please contact Gaurav Nanda at 

Not a member yet? join at 






Are you a casual professional staff member? Have you been employed in this capacity at Deakin University for more than a year? Did you know that you may be eligible for conversion to secure employment?

NTEU Deakin Branch has recently finalised your new Enterprise Agreement. Thanks to members and the hard work of NTEU Deakin Branch, there is now an improved right for conversion to more secure work for casual professional staff.   
If annual leave, sick leave, 17% superannuation, and other benefits that come with secure employment matter to you, then please participate in this short survey here. NTEU has converted many casual staff to secure employment in universities countrywide. Now it’s time to get secure work for casual professional staff at Deakin.
The objective of this survey is to build a ‘conversion to secure work’ campaign to enforce job security clauses in the agreement. We want to hear from you if you are a casual professional staff member employed at Deakin University.
Participate in the survey here and encourage other casual professional staff members to do so too.
If you have any queries about conversion or about other issues affecting casual staff, please contact Gaurav Nanda at 


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