Election this weekend--Supercasuals support proper HE Funding. - Supercasuals


SuperCasuals and NTEU notes that voters in the 2016 federal election are being given a clear choice between market mayhem and public accountability when it comes to higher education policy. While the Coalition government desperately wants voters to believe it has retreated from its unfair and unsustainable plans to deregulate Australian higher education, this is clearly not the case. Malcolm Turnbull let slip at the June 17 Facebook leaders’ debate that the government’s plans for higher education include giving “universities the ability to deregulate fees if you like, for a small number of flagship courses”. 

“The government’s plans for flagship courses create the perfect environment for $100,000 degrees,” argues NTEU National President Jeannie Rea.    

“The Turnbull government must be held to account for its plans to cut public investment and make students pay more, especially given that Australia already has amongst the lowest levels of public investment in higher education in the world and that our students pay amongst the highest fees. 

"The voters of Australia must let the government know that it is far too great a risk to impose this market mayhem on Australia’s world class public higher education system.”

Supercasuals urges people to help defend public education and put the Liberals last this coming weekend. 


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