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Unpaid Work Campaign

Are you expected to pull more hours than you’re paid for, out of a magic hat?
Do you go above and beyond to provide quality education and support to students in your own time?

Close to half of the workforce in Australian higher education is made up of casual staff members who are a hardworking and talented group of employees. For casual staff members, one of the main issues aside from job insecurity is ‘unpaid work’. Casual staff members’ dedication to providing the best quality education and support to students also means that casuals often undertake work in our own time. This work includes, but is not limited to: answering emails from students, fielding inquiries and providing feedback, and marking for which existing payments underestimate the time required.

To combat the rise of unpaid work and to have casual staff members paid properly and get recognised for the valuable work we perform, NTEU has recently started an Unpaid Work campaign at La Trobe University. At this stage, we are inviting casual academic staff members to record the time spent in performing specific academic tasks. We aim to:

1. Gather robust evidence on the nature and extent of unpaid work done.
2. If the problem is as widespread and significant as we believe it to be, to lodge a collective claim on behalf of NTEU casual members for unpaid wages.

Please find here a work record template to start recording time spent on doing a task. Alternatively, please download Toggl, a free time tracking app, which allows you to do the same thing using your phone. Also available on your PC through a website here.  It’s important that we involve as many casuals as we can to join the campaign to start building strong evidence of unpaid work. A collective claim is a stronger claim, and claiming together means that no-one gets singled out. As a union member you’re protected. If you haven’t joined as yet, please do so by going here.

The issue of unpaid work can only be addressed through collective campaigning. If you don’t like working for free, start collecting your data, and sign on to the campaign here.

Together we are stronger and we can win!

Timesheets & Payslips Supercasuals Campaign

Massive Win! Casuals securing better working conditions! 

At the beginning of this year the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) launched a campaign to fix the Hardcopy Pay Slips and Paper Timesheets mess at La Trobe University. La Trobe Uni casuals lamented that they were doing hours of unpaid work submitting timesheets and picking up archaic hardcopy timesheets. In response, nearly 100 La Trobe NTEU casual members collectively ran a campaign calling upon the University to implement a 21st century pay system. This NTEU action led to the successful implementation of an electronic pay slip system for all casuals on 29 May 2015. It has also led to the current implementation of an electronic timesheet system for all casuals in semester 2. Make no mistake, it is the leadership and commitment of NTEU casual members that has brought these matters to the University’s attention. We thank all those casuals who have collectively acted to bring about this positive change.


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