La Trobe WIN! - Supercasuals

La Trobe WIN!

La Trobe University has just announced that all casual employees will receive their payslips via email from 29 May. The University has also indicated that an online timesheet system will be implemented in the second semester of 2015. This change will greatly reduce the amount of unpaid work performed by casuals at La Trobe University.

La Trobe’s decision to transition to a modern 21st century pay system is solely due to the collective action staged by La Trobe NTEU casual members. Members demanded that La Trobe rectify the pay system mess immediately and that is what has happened.

Congratulations to all casual members who joined the ‘Hardcopy Timesheets and Payslips—Give Us A Break’ campaign. Make no mistake; this change would not have happened without your involvement and support.

Congratulations La Trobe SuperCasuals!

If you are interested in joining the La Trobe SuperCasuals campaign please email Dustin at


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