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Kids Shutdown Streets of Melbourne for Climate Change Rally

This is what happened when kids united for climate change rally, imagine what we as adults can do when we stand together against any issue of social justice, industrial rights, and unfair treatments.

How did they do it? By uniting to build community power that influences decision makers to start negotiating on the issues most important to the community. 

Do you work in higher education sector as a casual employee?

Want to highlight our issues of unpaid work and insecure work in universities?

Lets start building university community power by

  1. Joining your union here    
  2. Signing up to get involved as activists here

Together we will win!

#Changetherules - another successfull rally!



Union power was very visible on the streets of Melbourne on 23rd Oct. Thousands rallied to demand better pay-rise and working conditions. According to the reports, 170000 people participated in #changetherules rally. What are the rules that working people want changed?

  • More secure jobs
  • Enforceable workers rights
  • Fair pay rises
  • Put working people first, not big businesses  

We will win if we stick together. Unbreakable, unshakeable, we are Union.

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Casual Staff Professional Development Workshop

IMG_8551.jpg  IMG_8567.jpg  IMG_8640.jpg  IMG_8662.jpg

**Great day at the casual staff professional development workshop** 

Thanks for all who attended. For the casual staff members who couldn't make it to the event, keep an eye out for similar events in the future.  

For the meantime, checkout the pictures from the event on our Facebook page here

La Trobe University Unpaid Work Campaign Launch Party!

LT_Launch_Slider_.jpgAre you a casual academic staff working at La Trobe University?
Are you expected to pull more hours than you’re paid for out of a hat?

To combat the rise of unpaid work and to have casual staff members paid properly and get recognised for the valuable work we perform, NTEU has recently started an Unpaid Work campaign at La Trobe University.

We’re excited to invite you to celebrate the launch of this very important campaign. You don’t have to be an NTEU member to attend, all casual academic staff working at La Trobe University are invited. Attendees will also go in a draw to win a Red Hill Estate Heathcote Shiraz.

Come and meet other casual academic staff members, listen to their experiences and share your stories in this fun event. Drinks and food provided. Please RSVP for catering purposes here

We are also setting up Unpaid Work Pop-Office at Bundoora and Bendigo campuses on the same day of the event. If you cannot attend the campaign launch party or want to discuss about any work issues, you can visit us at the pop-up office at 'The Agora' from 12:30 to 1:30pm in Bundoora and at the 'Student Union' building from 12:30 to 1:30pm in Bendigo.

The issue of unpaid work can only be addressed through collective campaigning. Together we are stronger and we can win!

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Are you a casual academic or casual professional staff member more committed to your work than Deakin is to you?

Would you like to know more about your rights?

Do you want to join to build secure work campaign to improve conversion to secure work rights?  

If yes, join us for the Secure Work Campaign and Smart Casuals Handbook launch.

NTEU fully supports casual employees and is campaigning tirelessly to win and enforce conversion rights. Together we are stronger and we can win!. You don’t have to be an NTEU member to come along, everyone’s welcome!. The event will be a great opportunity to meet other casual staff aswell. Refreshments followed by drinks will be served. Please RSVP for catering purposes here.  

When: 3pm on 29th of March

Where: Burwood Corporate center, Bld. BCC, Deakin University Burwood Campus 

Not a member yet? Join at

Changes to casual membership fees

At the National Council meeting in Dec 2017, it was decided to increase casual staff membership fees after 21 years. The fee increase will come into effect from 19 March 2018 and it’ll be significantly lower compared to ongoing or fixed term staff members.  



RMIT Casual Staff - Can you apply for conversion?

Are you a casual staff at RMIT? Are you in the dark about your conversion rights to better Job security?

Did you know that some staff casually employed at RMIT are eligible to apply for conversion to secure employment if they meet the criteria outlined in their respective agreements. 

NTEU RMIT branch is having a Job security meeting for all casual staff. If you want to tackle insecure work at RMIT, you must attend the meeting, talk to your colleagues and encourage them to come along, and join your Union.



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Deakin Casual Staff Info Session 31st Of July

Deakin Casual Staff - Information Session

Are you a Casual Professional Staff? Are you a Casual Academic? 

Did you know that your new Enterprise Agreement with Deakin University has recently finalised. 


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Deakin Casuals--We NEED YOU! Help us win Secure Work RIghts!!

Casual and sessional academic work is both tough and precarious. The expectations can be enormous and the support insufficient. When you are sick you can't take leave; during the holiday periods you are not paid; and if you fall pregnant--well, you are simply on your own. Without security of employment it is almost impossible to plan for the future--ever tried to get a loan while employed casually? We have had enough of casual academic staff being systematically denied access to secure work at Deakin University. All staff deserve job security. Casually employed staff are holding universities together – without us, Deakin would stop running. It is time for secure work. In response, we are demanding that a genuine conversion to secure clause be included in the new Deakin Collective Agreement. But we can't do it alone, we need your support. If job security is important to you then get along to one of our campaign launch meetings at Waurn Ponds on the 22nd of February or Burwood on the 23rd of February. To RSVP visit this link. For all other inquiries contact Lachlan at If enough casuals get involved in this campaign we can win secure work rights this bargaining round. 

SuperCasuals stand with staff at Murdoch University

Murdoch University management has applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate the enterprise agreement covering academic and general staff in a move the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) claims shows a complete lack of respect to dedicated employees.

If successful, this application would mean that the only industrial instrument regulating the employment conditions of Murdoch staff would be the terms of the safety-net modern Award which are way below the enterprise agreement conditions.

“This application is expressly about removing hard-won conditions that management don’t want,” explained NTEU WA Secretary Gabe Gooding.

“The NTEU has been negotiating a new enterprise agreement since April, but the University has taken an aggressive stance, demanding wide and deep cuts to staff working conditions while pursuing costly and time-consuming legal avenues.

“Staff of the university, whether union members or not, cannot see this as anything other than a co-ordinated attack on employment conditions by a management team that has completely abandoned all principles of fairness and decency toward staff,” said Gooding.

NTEU General Secretary, Grahame McCulloch today sent an email to NTEU members across the country describing the “unprecedented act never seen before in the university sector.”  

McCulloch wrote that a successful application: “would give the management, if it chooses, the capacity to demolish working conditions".

Ms Gooding added that the actions of Murdoch management are like those taken by rogue employers in the mining and construction industries, such as Griffin Coal, that resulted in a reduction in the pay of those workers by up to 43 percent.

Supercasuals encourages all casual university staff tp show their support for Murdoch University staff using #ThinkMurdochThinkShame and #DefendOurUnis on social media.

For all inquieries contact Dustin Halse at


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