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What would you do if there was a fire?

What would you do if there was a  fire? Take a roll call, headcount, or just leg it to the assembly point? Do you know where that assembly point is?

Fire safety is just one of the many areas of training which is either unpaid, inadequate or non-existent for casuals at Deakin University and #supercasuals have been out and about on campus talking about it. 

It's time for Deakin to step up and start paying casuals to undertake required induction and training modules. We fighting for proper paid inductions for casually employed staff. No one else in the University sector is expected to stay on top of hundreds of pages of policies in their own time. It is ridiculous that Deakin University doesn’t pay casually employed staff to maintain up to date knowledge on its policies about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), plagiarism, University Assessment Procedures and many other issues. To join the campaign visit or call Lachlan Clohesy on 0418 493 355.


Deakin Uni--Induction and Training Pay--It's Time!

No one else in the University sector is expected to stay on top of hundreds of pages of policies in their own time. It is ridiculous that Deakin University doesn’t pay casually employed staff to maintain up to date knowledge on its policies about Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), plagiarism, and University Assessment Procedures. A group of Deakin Supercasuals have responded by launching a campaign to demand that casual staff be paid for the work performed inducting, training and familiarising themselves with Deakin policies and systems. If you are a Deakin casual then we invite you to join our collective campaign--we are claiming 6 hours of pay for every participant for the time spent self-training and self-inducting. Already more than 50 casuals have joined this action--and the numbers are rising everyday. Of course, we would love as many people as possible to sign up – the more people who join the campaign the greater our ability to tackle the issue of unpaid work for casual staff at Deakin. A big thanks also to those who attended our BBQ campaign launch event at Burwood on 12 October. We’ll also be out to Geelong in coming weeks. Stay tuned to see what’s next for our campaign over T3. If you have any questions, or wish to participate in or help organise the campaign, contact Lachlan at, or by phone on 0418 493355. You can sign up to the campaign online here


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SwinSessionals Conversion to Secure Work Campaign

Are you a sessional/casual academic at Swinburne Uni? Interested in securing permanent work? Read on.

In December 2015, NTEU secured landmark rights for Swinburne sessional staff to apply for conversion after teaching 72 hours or more of lectures and tutorials in three consecutive years. Those rights were the culmination of four years of campaigning by sessional staff at Swinburne. We are now implementing those rights and encouraging members to join a group application for conversion. This does not involve a job application, CVs or interviews. NTEU will simply assert your right to be converted under the Enterprise Agreement. We are also taking applications as part of the campaign. NTEU will assess each application and advise members of any concerns. The more applications the better. You can apply through the online form, it takes just a few minutes to complete via this link. For all other information contact Dustin Halse on 0478 835 429 at

UniMelb Hands Up for Secure Work Meeting 23 August, 12.30pm.

The vast majority of staff at the University of Melbourne are employed on a casual basis. Job security is important and that's why we are running the Hands Up for Secure Work campaign. Job Security means 17% Superannuation, paid parental leave and stronger workplace rights. For casual employees it also means career progression and respect. NTEU has recently achieved more secure employment for hundreds of union members in Victoria, and the next stop is the University of Melbourne. To date more than 150 people have signed up to the campaign. Come along to our meeting to find out how you can apply for secure work. Details Below:

When: Tuesday, 23 August, 12:30-1:30pm.

Where: Lower Theatre. Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences.

For all other information regarding the campaign please contact the University of Melbourne branch at or Chloe Gaul on 0422 638 865. 



Blue Stocking Week #MakethePledge Event 18 August, 6-8pm.

Did you know that most Victorian Universities do not provide paid domestic violence leave for casual staff? Research shows guaranteed paid leave makes all the difference. We are asking all universities to Make the Pledge to extend DVL to all staff. During Bluestocking Week we’ll be announcing who’s taken the pledge and who needs some encouragement. We would like to invite you to the SuperCasuals BSW event on 18 August at 6pm, 1st Floor 120 Clarendon St Southbank to be involved in this celebration of the pledges, and help us deliver pledges at every university. Food and drinks will be served on the night and there will be a great host of speakers. For further details visit #MakethePledge


SuperCasuals and NTEU notes that voters in the 2016 federal election are being given a clear choice between market mayhem and public accountability when it comes to higher education policy. While the Coalition government desperately wants voters to believe it has retreated from its unfair and unsustainable plans to deregulate Australian higher education, this is clearly not the case. Malcolm Turnbull let slip at the June 17 Facebook leaders’ debate that the government’s plans for higher education include giving “universities the ability to deregulate fees if you like, for a small number of flagship courses”. 

“The government’s plans for flagship courses create the perfect environment for $100,000 degrees,” argues NTEU National President Jeannie Rea.    

“The Turnbull government must be held to account for its plans to cut public investment and make students pay more, especially given that Australia already has amongst the lowest levels of public investment in higher education in the world and that our students pay amongst the highest fees. 

"The voters of Australia must let the government know that it is far too great a risk to impose this market mayhem on Australia’s world class public higher education system.”

Supercasuals urges people to help defend public education and put the Liberals last this coming weekend. 

Swinburne University 2016

All Casual Teachers Converted to Fixed Term – Better Rights For Every Member Involved

The University has agreed all the NTEU applicants will be offered more secure work – with all casual staff applicants for conversion to be offered fixed term contracts of up to 14 months. Some fixed term staff have secured ongoing employment and others have extensions to contracts. All vocational education teachers that applied through NTEU will have a specific and special new right to the next contract where the work is required. All 64 NTEU members participating in the campaign get an outcome.

The Vocational Education sector is notorious for insecure employment – particularly since the TAFE cuts of 2012. NTEU members came together and lodged mass applications for conversion and NTEU pushed all 64 applications right through. The scale of the applications, and the preparedness of members to take the next step, left Senior Management with no choice but to deliver a satisfactory outcome for the short term. NTEU will now negotiate better secure work arrangements for members as part of Enterprise Agreement negotiations. If a better deal is not secure within 6 months, NTEU will lodge dozens – probably over 100 – applications for ongoing employment.


SuperCasuals Delegation Visiting Parliament House to Demand Secure Work.

On Wednesday 25 May, a SuperCasuals delegation will visit Parliament House to speak with MPs about the detrimental impacts of insecure work. We will be joining with workers from across all sectors at to demand the Victorian State Government create laws to give hardworking casuals greater job security. More than 100 higher education employees have already expressed their concerns via the Victorian Government Labour Hire and Insecure Work Inquiry. 

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We need your Voice!

For too long Victorian higher education providers have underpaid and overlooked the contributions of casual staff. Talented and committed SuperCasuals are delivering the bulk of the teaching loads and yet have systematically been denied job security.  

It's time for the system to change!

The Victorian Government recently launched the Labour Hire and Insecure Work Inquiry to come to terms with the experience of exploited workers. NTEU has made a submission to the Inquiry and is calling upon the Government to enact legislation that will compel public higher education institutions to give greater job security to hardworking casual staff.

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SuperCasuals gearing up for a Big 2016.

In 2016 the NTEU will be again be joining with SuperCasuals to fight for better pay and conditions.

We know that the ‘holiday’ period for many casuals can be a tough time as universities  shut down for the end of year semester break.

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