SuperCasuals Delegation Visiting Parliament House to Demand Secure Work.

On Wednesday 25 May, a SuperCasuals delegation will visit Parliament House to speak with MPs about the detrimental impacts of insecure work. We will be joining with workers from across all sectors at to demand the Victorian State Government create laws to give hardworking casuals greater job security. More than 100 higher education employees have already expressed their concerns via the Victorian Government Labour Hire and Insecure Work Inquiry. 

NTEU believes that talk is cheap and the time for Government action has well and truly arrived. Casuals deserve security of employment now.

You should know what you’ll earn week to week, so you can set a budget and plan a good life for your family. And you should also be able to take time off when sick, knowing your job will still be there when you get back.

If you want find out more please email Campaigns Officer Dustin Halse at

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