SuperCasuals gearing up for a Big 2016. - Supercasuals

SuperCasuals gearing up for a Big 2016.

In 2016 the NTEU will be again be joining with SuperCasuals to fight for better pay and conditions.

We know that the ‘holiday’ period for many casuals can be a tough time as universities  shut down for the end of year semester break.

Activist and sessional academic Dr. Lachlan Clohesy understands first-hand of struggles that confront university casuals.

‘Casuals face a myriad of issues - job insecurity; a lack of institutional support; exclusion and isolation; a lack of access to paid induction or training; and superannuation paid well below the rates of their ongoing peers’ he notes.

‘We overwhelmingly aspire to ongoing positions, but instead casualisation appears to have become an entrenched feature of the university landscape’.

Dr. Clohesy also highlights the equity issues that are common at higher education institutions as casuals are ‘more likely to be women, and more likely to be young’.

In 2016 the VCC and SuperCasuals will be working across multiple campuses to build campaigns that improve the working conditions of casuals in higher education.

If you are interested in joining getting involved email then please email Campaigns Officer Dustin Halse at


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