Swinburne University 2016 - Supercasuals

Swinburne University 2016

All Casual Teachers Converted to Fixed Term – Better Rights For Every Member Involved

The University has agreed all the NTEU applicants will be offered more secure work – with all casual staff applicants for conversion to be offered fixed term contracts of up to 14 months. Some fixed term staff have secured ongoing employment and others have extensions to contracts. All vocational education teachers that applied through NTEU will have a specific and special new right to the next contract where the work is required. All 64 NTEU members participating in the campaign get an outcome.

The Vocational Education sector is notorious for insecure employment – particularly since the TAFE cuts of 2012. NTEU members came together and lodged mass applications for conversion and NTEU pushed all 64 applications right through. The scale of the applications, and the preparedness of members to take the next step, left Senior Management with no choice but to deliver a satisfactory outcome for the short term. NTEU will now negotiate better secure work arrangements for members as part of Enterprise Agreement negotiations. If a better deal is not secure within 6 months, NTEU will lodge dozens – probably over 100 – applications for ongoing employment.



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