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SwinSessionals Conversion to Secure Work Campaign

Are you a sessional/casual academic at Swinburne Uni? Interested in securing permanent work? Read on.

In December 2015, NTEU secured landmark rights for Swinburne sessional staff to apply for conversion after teaching 72 hours or more of lectures and tutorials in three consecutive years. Those rights were the culmination of four years of campaigning by sessional staff at Swinburne. We are now implementing those rights and encouraging members to join a group application for conversion. This does not involve a job application, CVs or interviews. NTEU will simply assert your right to be converted under the Enterprise Agreement. We are also taking applications as part of the campaign. NTEU will assess each application and advise members of any concerns. The more applications the better. You can apply through the online form, it takes just a few minutes to complete via this link. For all other information contact Dustin Halse on 0478 835 429 at dhalse@nteu.org.au.


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